Friday, November 27, 2009

Vacation On The Horizon

Subway next to the Wild Donkey Show Sign.
Happy Birthday Hyun~!

At Brixx in Hongdae

Sylvia Sandwich!

DECEMBER IS ALMOST HERE! These next few weeks are going to go by so fast and before I know it I will be in California hugging my friends and family and eating burritos from Platas! Also, I've decided to go on a special trip to Tokyo with my friend Christina next weekend! This year December is looking to be a very fun and eventful birthday month for me and baby jesus. ^^

Kalan and I celebrated Thanksgiving the other night by watching 75% of Love Actually (problem with streaming movies) and drinking a tall can of Heineken. It seems sad in black and white but it was pretty fun and I got to spend Thanksgiving with the person that I am most thankful for. This weekend I will go to a Thanksgiving potluck on the other side of the river with our friends from Bundang (some pictured above) and tonight I have an employee dinner. Yay food!

It seems like the Winter is flying by already but I have to remember that January and February are colder months. I hope that I can prevent the cold weather from making me unhappy, which it has in the past. Sometimes I feel like a desert rat in a blizzard, it's horrible. I'm going to make the most out of it though and make sure to spend time with my friends and do fun activities. Maybe I'll go snowboarding :/

My Korean is getting a little better. I've been doing Language Exchange with my friend Gil Myung twice a week. He's preparing to go to Medical School. I still need to study more though if I want to get anywhere near fluent. Learning another language is SO HARD!

I put modeling on hold until next year. It's way more difficult to get work here than I expected. I've been doing some research on Los Angeles internships and jobs in the fashion industry. I'm pretty sure when Summer comes I'll be moving back to California to try my luck out there. I need to get more hands on experience in the industry. I'm also thinking about going to school for Fashion Merchandising. Hmm... Maybe I can do both.

Anyway, I hope everyone back home is having a great Thanksgiving weekend. Eat lots of tamales and Delores' Salsa for me! I love you guys!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Mechanical Dress

I just got my pics back from photographer Ju Hang. This shoot was a lot of fun and interesting. The dress is supposed to symolize the economy in some way. It was explained to me but I forgot hehe. I have two photoshoots lined up in the next two weeks so I'm super pumped.
Also, Christmas is just around the corner so I can see my friends and family soon! <33
Love you guys!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rough Days Ahead

VIP Vera with Jinsook and Christina

Kalan and I being us :P

Kalan with my photog Ju Hang (he's awesome)

Club Vera

Club Vera Hongdae

Jinsook and Christina on the red carper

Makoli (rice wine) and some fish.. mmmmm
With David and Dave.

Delicious Japanese ramen shop
with all you can eat toast, peanut butter, and jam.
Flapper girl ;)

David,Kwang Hyun and Amanda at ZEN in Hongdae

Us <3
Christina and her cute kittie ears

Picture of Cacoon. Didn't go there but friends did.

Went to FF's instead to watch friends band play.
Didn't get a picture of my friend though.
This is a Korean Michael Jackson cover band.

SOO, Today I walked out of my apartment and laughed out loud because it was shockingly cold. I bought some gloves and more leggings but I expect to be cold no matter what I do for the next four months. Halloween was also a shocker, I didn't expect much out of the holiday here but I had a blast and, I'll be honest, I got a little drunky drunk. I wasn't going to dress up but I found a flapper inspired dress in my closet so I spent 8,000 won (around ~$7) on accessories and BAM -flapper girl. A classy flapper girl of course :)
Here are some pictures from one of my recent shoots. Shawn Parker was the photographer and was really nice and professional. :)

My mechanical dress photos should be coming soon. I'm excited and nervous to see them :/ This week I'm hoofin' it to Gangnam (in the cold) to show my book to some agencies. I have no idea what to expect but at least it will be an experience. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anywho, I feel a slight cold coming on (no it's not swine flu) so if any of you want to help a chica out, send me some NyQuil.