Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding Motivation

Working these last few weeks have taken a lot out of me. The split shift is really hard to get used to. I don't think I've ever taken so many naps in my life, even when I was a child. I enjoy my work though. Not very many people can say that. I'm getting to know a lot about Korean life and culture from my students.

My office ^^
I got a killer view of Severence Hospital

I've been watching every fashion oriented video possible to inspire me but now I REALLY just feel jealous and mad. Fashion week has just passed and the season's changing here so there are sooooo many things I want to buy but can't. Today I actually went to the Top Shop website and pretended to shop. I even add things to my shopping bag and everything. I think I got up to $400 before I quit. :P

My photoshoot went well on Sunday but I haven't got to screen the pictures yet. I'll post them as soon as I can. Looks like I will also be modeling for an online store and also a french fashion designer sometime soon. I really need to get my energy and motivation back! Maybe this weekend will rejuvenate me. Maybe I'm just missing my friends and fam from back home :) Well, even though I miss everyone, I'm going to try and stay positive and do the best that I can to be successful ... push the limits ya know. Success is hard work.

- Sylvia

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Corn Bread

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day. It felt like a warm day during Fall or a Summer night in California. I woke up refreshed and for some reason my eyes felt like they were more open or something. My iced americano from the Oratorio Cafe and my corn bread from an Ewha bakery only made my morning better.

On top of my delightful morning I got to spend a few hours hanging out with one of my former swim students from Waterworks. His name is Daniel or Jong Won and I tutored him in English today. Basically we hung out together and worked on a Spiderman vs. Venom coloring/workbook. His mom Mi Ran is really nice and always feeds me well. Today she took me out for Indian food. We had Nan, Chicken and Curry and everything was muy delicioso.
They live in Ilsan so I had to take an express bus for about 40 minutes to get there but it was nice to get out of Seoul for a while and actually spend some time in a bigger apartment. Ilsan to Seoul is like Irvine to Los Angeles. It's really beautiful. Next week Mi Ran is going to take us to a lake near her house and hopefully I will have some more kids to tutor $$.

I wish I brought my camera to Ilsan but I forgot it :/ For the rest of the day I think I will study Korean at a nearby Cafe and maybe watch Korean dramas a little later. I'm into this show called Style. Basically, it's like a Korean Devil Wears Prada but for TV and with a lot of Korean drama.

This week I have two photoshoots booked so I'm super excited but I'm a little nervous. I was so consumed in finding job and working that I pushed modeling to the side for a while. It's a little nerve racking to jump into it again but I know I'll be comfortable when the day comes. I'll post pics as soon as I get them!



P.S. for those who don't know Fighting is like a "let's do it!" or "yeah!" type saying. ^-^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding a Routine

Today, I've been in Korea exactly a month. I'm finally settling into the nest Kalan and I live in and I started working this week. I'm an English tutor at Pagoda-Direct English. Some people might have preconceived notions about Direct English like management is horrible, pay isn't good, hours are bad, etc. But, I consider myself to be lucky because I've had such a hard time finding steady income in the first place.

Now, I'm going to try to "complain" about this as little as possible but I feel that it is vital to speak up in order for change to happen to the Korean society. Korea falls WAY short when it comes to equal rights. At my work Korean people who teach English get paid less and have zero benefits compared to Caucasian English teachers or "native" teachers. Half Koreans and non Caucasian foreigners have to work extra hard to start a life here. It's very backwards. If you are Korean I urge you to research online about how some non full korean people get treated. It's really not good for Korea's reputation. ANYWAYS, I don't want to write a whole essay about this but I hope this could bring SOME kind of light to the issue. I figure it's better than staying completely quiet.

Anywho, I am very lucky to have this job as an English tutor. ^^ I really enjoy it so far. And after I had a chat with the recruiting manager about why I was being treated differently than "native" English teachers I can honestly say that I have no complaints. My co-workers all seem really nice and easy to talk to. It's very international at my particular branch and my breaks are long and relaxing.

I'm making some pretty good friends. I've even made some Korean friends that are willing to help me with my Korean. My friends are always giving me advice about where to shop, where to eat, what not to do and other things. It's very helpful.

In result to socializing my little butt off, I've gained a few pounds (oops :/ ). These last few weeks I've been going out for dinner, lunch, coffee and dessert multiple times with my new friends. Now that I've started my job I can try to get a good and healthy routine going. I'm thinking about joining Hot Yoga. Maybe I'll stop eating the delicious waffles. Maybe.
Until next time!


Kalan's Birthday! <333
We went to On the Border yumm

At 태 (Tae) with 비단 (Beedan), 혜미 (Christina or Hyayme), and 진숙(Jin Sook)

Waiting in line for the best 덕뻒이 (dokbokki= rice cake yumminess)
with Jenny (채윤 Chaiyoon)
Korean tea and rice cakes

Jenny and one of her best friends right before she tutored me.

Kalan being cute.

Me and Kalan being us

고양이 Coyangee


The inside of a cute tea house.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Korean Food is Yummy

Not much to say so today's blog is a picture blog! WOO!
Eating mushroom soup with the camera man, the driver, and the director's assistant.
We filmed a proposal for a food competition show.

Camera man Chong!

Bonkwongsa Temple North of Seoul

Lunch time at the temple (Bibimbap-Rice with veggies and chili paste)

Right before we filmed a fight scene.
I called Kalan stupid and he said I don't know how to cook.
This place was really cute and right near the temple.
We had some traditional tea.

Ladies making kimchi!
Those are all red chili peppers (cochu) on the floor and on the roof.
All those are cabbages on the tables.
We got to try some :P yummy

LJ the director and pots full of Dangjan
(bean chili paste that makes everything taste bomb)

The last steam engine train in Korea that went from North to South

In the tea house. Camera man and director.

At the Global Festival in Incheon.
Apparently the land used to be ocean.
They are planning to make a whole city and a theme park there.

Yummy rice cakes and crackers!
This was taken in Incheon at the Food Festival
When people get married or have their birthdays they have these pretty assortment of rice cakes.

REALLLY BOOORING Drum dance haha
Pretty though

Queen Sylvia and King Kalan

The new wife gets taken in a box to her husbands chambers

Kalan in the wifey box

Some girl holding Kalan's hands haha

Me making a vase

After a hanbok (Korean traditional dress) fashion show
That guy in the left and the blue shirt snuck into the pic.
We have no idea who he is.

Filming on a boat!

Us with co-stars Martin Su and Andrea.
They're both from Georgia.

She killed those and served it to us.
Forgot how to say baby octopus
It was moving still!
And yummy! ^^

Then she killed some fish and served us some sashimi.

And then made some soup out of the fish scraps.

Driver no 2 and the other director.

Dr. Fish pedicure. Tickles.

Probably one of my all time favorite snacks called Hodukk.
It's a pancake thing with brown sugary stuff inside.

This is my FAVORITE favorite snacks.
It may just look like a waffle but it's like a super waffle with jam, honey, and icing in it.

And they make it even superer when they put frozen yogurt in it.

This is nangmyun. It's everyone's favorite food in the summer because it's cold and yummy.

Well that's what I've been doing or eating lately. No photo shoots this week. Tomorrow we are going to visit Kalan's former student who might have gotten him a part in her movie that she is directing. We are going to hang out on set and do some networking. Networking is KEY!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interviews Galore

I've gone on tons of interviews but I still haven't managed to land a job yet. I'm hoping by the end of this week I would at least have one part-time job. Today we had a second interview with a modeling agency but we aren't really sure how they felt about us. We'll see if they call us back :/ Kalan and I plan to visit more agencies next week and show them our portfolios. Mine is getting a little better. Kalan says each shoot I do I get better at poses. :)
I've been studying korean fashion a lot. Most of the girls wear heels here. I'm also seeing a lot of gladiator sandals which is a suprise because three years ago I remember feeling weird because I was the only one wearing sandals in the city. Seoul is pretty sophisticated especially when we get into the Gangnam and City Hall areas. EVERYONE has a Louis Vuitton or Coach purse or knock off which isn't unlike the states. Name brands seems to be important here. I'm also seeing more indie inspired or urban outfitters style here which I never really saw here before. I've seen a lot of Jason Mraz hats, flowery flowing skirts and low crotch pants/shorts. A lot of the girls also wear hair accessories like in the states but here they are way more bedazzled and there are definately more bows. I can't wait to get some income so I can go shopping!

Check out Korean fashion at Online shopping is really popular here.

Also I met a few cool girls last week. Jennifer is from Irvine but she's going to be living here for one year. She's really down to earth and easy to talk to. I can see being good friends with her. And Amie is Korean and loves going out and having fun. She lived in Manhattan for a while so she loves going to nice places and all that. It should be an experience hanging out with her. I'm doing great building a life here so far I JUST NEED A JOB lol.