Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding a Routine

Today, I've been in Korea exactly a month. I'm finally settling into the nest Kalan and I live in and I started working this week. I'm an English tutor at Pagoda-Direct English. Some people might have preconceived notions about Direct English like management is horrible, pay isn't good, hours are bad, etc. But, I consider myself to be lucky because I've had such a hard time finding steady income in the first place.

Now, I'm going to try to "complain" about this as little as possible but I feel that it is vital to speak up in order for change to happen to the Korean society. Korea falls WAY short when it comes to equal rights. At my work Korean people who teach English get paid less and have zero benefits compared to Caucasian English teachers or "native" teachers. Half Koreans and non Caucasian foreigners have to work extra hard to start a life here. It's very backwards. If you are Korean I urge you to research online about how some non full korean people get treated. It's really not good for Korea's reputation. ANYWAYS, I don't want to write a whole essay about this but I hope this could bring SOME kind of light to the issue. I figure it's better than staying completely quiet.

Anywho, I am very lucky to have this job as an English tutor. ^^ I really enjoy it so far. And after I had a chat with the recruiting manager about why I was being treated differently than "native" English teachers I can honestly say that I have no complaints. My co-workers all seem really nice and easy to talk to. It's very international at my particular branch and my breaks are long and relaxing.

I'm making some pretty good friends. I've even made some Korean friends that are willing to help me with my Korean. My friends are always giving me advice about where to shop, where to eat, what not to do and other things. It's very helpful.

In result to socializing my little butt off, I've gained a few pounds (oops :/ ). These last few weeks I've been going out for dinner, lunch, coffee and dessert multiple times with my new friends. Now that I've started my job I can try to get a good and healthy routine going. I'm thinking about joining Hot Yoga. Maybe I'll stop eating the delicious waffles. Maybe.
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Kalan's Birthday! <333
We went to On the Border yumm

At 태 (Tae) with 비단 (Beedan), 혜미 (Christina or Hyayme), and 진숙(Jin Sook)

Waiting in line for the best 덕뻒이 (dokbokki= rice cake yumminess)
with Jenny (채윤 Chaiyoon)
Korean tea and rice cakes

Jenny and one of her best friends right before she tutored me.

Kalan being cute.

Me and Kalan being us

고양이 Coyangee


The inside of a cute tea house.

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  1. your egg(:p)'s so cute! and 채윤 doen't seems like 14 y.o.! wow, you've already get a lot of good friends:) haha! About "how some non full korean people get treated"... I don't know about it at all. Next time, please let me know about it. I want to share your idea. :) -JIN