Sunday, October 4, 2009

After Chuseok

This past weekend was Chuseok, which is the harvest moon festival time. Everyone leaves their normal everyday lives to spend time in there hometown with their families and close friends. I call it the Korean Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. I thought Kalan and I would spend most of this time alone and sad but we ended up hanging out with friends and even making some new ones.
This weekend was also special for me because I've been researching some grad schools and I feel pretty good about it. I've also been applying for job positions in the fashion industry. The jobs are kind of far fetched (ex. Burberry) but how exciting would it be if I actually landed a job at a high end/luxery brand. There aren't very many solid choices for grad schools and fashion but I've been looking up some Fashion Merchandising and Marketing programs. I just need to fork out some mulah and apply now before the deadlines are up ...
It's kind of exciting not knowing where I will end up but at least it is some kind of path. I feel a lot better than I did when my path was leading me to chlorine poisoning hehe.

So possible locations for me in the near future ... New York, Philadelphia, London, Tokyo, Korea?
Any suggestions?

Us getting ready to eat delicious food like always :P

Trying to get a good picture with JongWon my sat student

I guess he didn't want to smile

He dropped his bike like ten times when walking me to the bus stop. So funny!

Lounging after a fun night

Dancing at the Hyatt in Itaewon. J J Mahoney's!

Pre party party near Beedan's and Sookjin's univ

cute sand bar with the girls!

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  1. Hope you had fun! :)

    Your girlfriends are hot! :D

    Hope all is well!!!