Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The last few weeks have flown by like a whirlwind and just like that it’s Fall here in Seoul. Kalan is sick ... he has a bad cold and he's in bed with a few blankets that our land lady gave to us. He’s so sick he wouldn’t even eat the Sundubu (Spicy Tofu Soup) I made for him :( He's been resting a lot so I suspect he will get better soon.

On a lighter note, I’ve lost some of my Korean weight. I’m so motivated to get to my goal weight and my skin is finally clearing up because of the Shu Uemura oil cleanser Kalan and I bought. I definitely recommend it. I’ve also been really excited for my upcoming photo shoots. Here are some pics of my last shoot with photographer David Kim. You can see more of them from his flickr site - http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidkimphotography/

I’m still searching for model agencies by emailing people and searching online. If I don’t hear from anyone soon I’m going to have to go about it by foot and go to Gangnam during my breaks. I’ll stalk people if I have to hehe. I saw a poster on a bus that said Seoul Fashion week is coming soon. I’m dying to know everything about it and how I can get myself either on the runway or in the audience. Any ideas?



Me with my friends David and Stuart.

My photographer after a little too much Jack and Coke lol

Coworker Deon and I while watching another coworker Brian rock out on stage.
She was being shy :)

Me, Hayme and Grant hanging out at Freebird in Hongdae.

Hayme and my new friend Amanda at Zen.
Check out my awkward pose. So much for modeling hehe.

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  1. Awww *cough* *cough* thanks for the soooondoooobooooo. Even though I could hardly eat it. Your pictures look fantastic! My girlfriend is so pretty!