Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Snow is Almost Gone

How have I changed since I've moved to Korea? Two words. Acne. Weight.
I'm 17 pounds heavier since I've moved to Korea. It's crazy. I'm not complaining. I stopped obsessing over it about a month ago. I consider it seasonal weight gain and I have no regrets. Yes, it was so cold here that I actually didn't mind gaining a couple pounds to keep me warmer. Winter isn't quite over yet but I've decided that it's time to take control. So I can sit here and type out HOW I'm going to lose the weight, but I figure you don't care and I don't care to type it out. Just know that I'm going to do it slowly and safely.

What's life like nowadays. AJ's mom is playing cards with her friends loudly in the living room, Kalan's playing guitar in the spare room, and I'm here with tissue in my nose typing a blog. Life's good hehe.

Nothing else is really new except I randomly partied with Green Day until 4 in the morning ... :) Hopefully, there will be more random and exciting things that will happen soon.


P.S. I lost my camera at the Green Day concert :/ but my phone still works!

Me in our old apartment.

Moving days. Our lives fit in 8 bags

Funny sweater

Max on bath day

Max in his sweater

Busy day in Seoul

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