Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slush City

I find myself having to explain my Koreaness every day. I not only have to talk about where I'm from and why I look Korean, but I also have to deal with the social aspects of being Korean. Every time I tell people that I'm living with my boyfriend it is either followed by an awkward silence or a gasp. Korean girls here DO NOT live with their boyfriends before marriage. I've talked to several people who thought of the idea but wouldn't dream of going against their parent's wishes. Also, at my age, women are hustling to find themselves a husband so that they can settle down and quit their jobs. The fact that I don't have any plans to get married (after 8 years of dating my boyfriend) is baffling. I mean, it's not a race! It will happen when it happens.

On a lighter note, yesterday, Kalan and I were on the radio. We got to go the TBS building and sit in a recording booth and everything. We competed against each other on a quiz show and I won. I get a prize but I'm not sure what it is yet. Hopefully it's a million dollars.

It's been really rainy and snowy lately. Seoul looks like a giant dirty 7-up slushy. Yummy.

Imo just brought some sliced oranges and apples. She reminds me of my mommy :)


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