Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plans for this week

I have several things on my agenda this week besides work and school. Most importantly, I'm going to go to the 노래방 / karaoke practice room with Kalan. We haven't driven a car since August and we realized that the car is where we do 95% of our singing. I'm out of practice so we are going to go have some fun and sing our little hearts out. Maybe I'll sing a little Celine, Whitney and Mariah ... I hope Kalan is prepared, hehe.

Also, Kalan saw an interesting cafe in Myong Dong so we are gonna check that out, too. It's a cat cafe, which is weird because not many people here like cats. I, on the other hand, love cats.

I'm taking better care of myself by exercising, eating better and going to the dermatologist. My skin has improved tenfold and I feel like I'm in control of my acne. What the doctor did was give me a weeks worth of antibiotic pills and then had me go through a torturous extraction parade/facial. It was the worst drawn-out pain I've ever had to endure BUT my acne is gone.

I've been doing little exercises in my bedroom like lunges, sit ups and lifting light weights and I realized just how much of a Korean girl I've become. Not only is my tan almost completely gone but my muscles are gone, too.

I can't do a push up... :/

I will get stronger though so watch out.


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