Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lazy Saturday

On set at MBC. All the actors were either Russian or French.
Russian guys wear purses ...

I need to learn Korean... I can understand it okay, especially when there are hand gestures involved, but as far as speaking goes I might as well be a stuttering mute (hope no one takes offense to that). I've been trying to look for language exchange partners so that I can practice speaking Korean as well as make new friends.

We are going to meet up with old friends John and Ben tomorrow. I haven't met Gentle Ben yet but Kalan speaks very highly of him. They might have some advice about finding tutoring jobs and what not. Knowing Kalan and John most of our time together will be spent cracking jokes and cheesy puns (I just sat for five minutes thinking of a pun to put here. I suck at puns.)

Packed bus

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