Thursday, August 20, 2009

MBC Trip Outside Seoul

Me and Kalan at a Dalkalbi place.
We decided we are going to bring our
friends here when the come to visit.

Today Kalan got booked by MBC and has been filming all day. I tagged along thinking there might be something for me to do. It was really fun to watch for a while and give Kalan support but then the boredom got overbearing so I left. I did talk to a French guy that might be able to get Kalan hooked up with a manager for modeling. It didn't work out for me because I'm not white :P. Well can't let that get me down. Either way it's a good thing because apparently foreigners get paid a lot for modeling which will be good.

My photo shoot yesterday went very well. The photographer was originally from Egypt and lived in Kuwait. He comes to Korea often which will be good for my portfolio. He gave me cake which is always a big plus. I'll post finished pictures as soon as I can.

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