Sunday, August 16, 2009


Me: "Are we crazy?"
Boyfriend: "Yes."
Me: "How so?"
Boyfriend: "Well we're both quitting our jobs in a time when everyone else is getting fired. And we're moving to a country that is in a worse economic recession than ours to chase jobs in one of the most competitive and uncertain fields."
Me: "..."

I forgot how big the city is. The buildings are tall, the streets are loud and the people are WALKING. Unlike Orange County, where everyone owns like two cars, the public transportation here is convenient and used by everyone. In the last three days, I must have been around the city five times already.

I stand out here. Especially with Kalan, my white American boyfriend, at my side holding my hand. I used to think when people would stare, they hated us. But now I feel like it is because we are so unique to the country. This keeps me optimistic about what we are doing because we stand a part from everyone else. We're unique ^^

When we arrived I guess you could say we were homeless, jobless, and well lost. But we have now managed to get an apt at a really secure nice place called The Ville. It's right next to our old school Yonsei and in a pretty hip and young district called Sinchon. We found COSTCO (the hot dogs are cheaper here!) and bought some Americanized stuff and are sitting pretty comfortably in our apt.

So now we are just jobless. I had an interview yesterday and today that were both promising. One was for a part-time baby sitting position that is during the evenings. The dad is from New Zealand and the mom is Korean and just got a job with H&M (good contact). I think it will be perfect since I will have free time during the day to pursue modeling and getting signed with an agency. The other interview is for an acting position in a pilot for a food/travel show. This interview was actually Kalan's but I tagged along and the director thought it would be cool to do a couple thing. So hopefully we will be getting some sort of income soon. Tomorrow, I will go to the immigration office and apply for an immigration ID so that I can get a cell phone and really get the ball rolling.

So yeah... it's all happening. It's kinda scary.. and really exciting.


  1. You both will be fine! :) I know you will succeed! :D

  2. Sylbee, this is great! You two are talented and have infectious personalities...I love you!