Tuesday, August 25, 2009

With Phones Comes Happiness

Yesterday we finally got our cell phones. So now that I have a phone I was able to book three interviews and two photo shoots for this week alone. I also met up with a new friend named Vicky. She's a Korean girl who lived in Australia for a year. She has her own trade company and sells accessories. We had coffee ^^

I had my first interview today for a company that finds ESL teachers for Hakwons (private schools). Tomorrow I have an interview for a hotel position as a concierge. Then Friday I have an interview for an office job at a nail art company. Hopefully, I will have a job locked down by next week. :/

Keep in mind I'm purely looking for a part-time job so I can spend my days squeezing into the fashion industry either modeling or styling because I love CLOTHES!



We love Graffiti


Finally got my Alien Registration Card!

So we could finally get our phones!

Ben and his girlfriend Hyo Joo at Waggle Waggle. They are both awesome! John was there but didn't have a photo opp.

Pretty dogs!

Waiting for our bus (Number 7024~!)

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