Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding Motivation

Working these last few weeks have taken a lot out of me. The split shift is really hard to get used to. I don't think I've ever taken so many naps in my life, even when I was a child. I enjoy my work though. Not very many people can say that. I'm getting to know a lot about Korean life and culture from my students.

My office ^^
I got a killer view of Severence Hospital

I've been watching every fashion oriented video possible to inspire me but now I REALLY just feel jealous and mad. Fashion week has just passed and the season's changing here so there are sooooo many things I want to buy but can't. Today I actually went to the Top Shop website and pretended to shop. I even add things to my shopping bag and everything. I think I got up to $400 before I quit. :P

My photoshoot went well on Sunday but I haven't got to screen the pictures yet. I'll post them as soon as I can. Looks like I will also be modeling for an online store and also a french fashion designer sometime soon. I really need to get my energy and motivation back! Maybe this weekend will rejuvenate me. Maybe I'm just missing my friends and fam from back home :) Well, even though I miss everyone, I'm going to try and stay positive and do the best that I can to be successful ... push the limits ya know. Success is hard work.

- Sylvia

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  1. Hang in there and be strong! I am glad you are getting a lot of jobs and your name is going out there! :) You will succeed! I know it!!!

    Take care!!!!