Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interviews Galore

I've gone on tons of interviews but I still haven't managed to land a job yet. I'm hoping by the end of this week I would at least have one part-time job. Today we had a second interview with a modeling agency but we aren't really sure how they felt about us. We'll see if they call us back :/ Kalan and I plan to visit more agencies next week and show them our portfolios. Mine is getting a little better. Kalan says each shoot I do I get better at poses. :)
I've been studying korean fashion a lot. Most of the girls wear heels here. I'm also seeing a lot of gladiator sandals which is a suprise because three years ago I remember feeling weird because I was the only one wearing sandals in the city. Seoul is pretty sophisticated especially when we get into the Gangnam and City Hall areas. EVERYONE has a Louis Vuitton or Coach purse or knock off which isn't unlike the states. Name brands seems to be important here. I'm also seeing more indie inspired or urban outfitters style here which I never really saw here before. I've seen a lot of Jason Mraz hats, flowery flowing skirts and low crotch pants/shorts. A lot of the girls also wear hair accessories like in the states but here they are way more bedazzled and there are definately more bows. I can't wait to get some income so I can go shopping!

Check out Korean fashion at Storets.com Online shopping is really popular here.

Also I met a few cool girls last week. Jennifer is from Irvine but she's going to be living here for one year. She's really down to earth and easy to talk to. I can see being good friends with her. And Amie is Korean and loves going out and having fun. She lived in Manhattan for a while so she loves going to nice places and all that. It should be an experience hanging out with her. I'm doing great building a life here so far I JUST NEED A JOB lol.


  1. I'm so proud of you! Not condescendingly proud either. I am straight up impressed by your courage. You have a set of balls, Sylvia, for sure. And what you've already done so far is really praise-worthy... Keep it up! I'll be reading your blog intently and I can't wait to see your progress. The pictures are stunning by the way, and you are getting better every time. Love you!

  2. Good luck on the job hunt!
    Love the new pictures and new look.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Take care!