Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breaking Through Borders

After a week of walking around the city like chickens with our heads cut off things finally feel settled and comfortable. We both booked the pilot for the food/travel show and have a meeting with the director again today. I guess we are planning to go to the countryside this weekend and film uncomfortable cooking situations. Sounds interesting!

Today I'm going to tag along to a casting that Kalan is going to for MBC. I'm going to bring my port (just in case). Then tonight I have my first photo shoot in Korea. I'm going to work on a cutesy/young look so that I can build on my port. A photography once told me "The agencies that deal exclusively with Koreans want that cute, innocent, pouty, just got back from the plastic surgeon with my new fake big western eyes and nose look. Creeps me out! But if you can play the role...they will pay you." Don't worry I'm not going to get plastic surgery but it's good to know that my somewhat westernized eyes will help me out.

Today I was inspired by watching some of BOA's music videos. If she can make it in a new country, I can. Well it doesn't help that she's oober famous and has a lot of money, but it's still inspirational.


  1. I know you are going to do very well in Korea. You have a great look and awesome personality. You also have the right attitude! Good luck always!

  2. YAY this is so cute. more more more updates!!!